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1. Research and Implementation of an Image Retrieval System Based on Color and Texture Features
K. Naveen., Dr. V. Murali Krishna and G. Sushmitha
2. Case Management Teams Through Integrating Vocational Services
K.Ramakrishna Reddy., G. Ravindra Babu and S. Krishna Mohan Rao
3. An Innovative Approach for the Distribution of the Renewable Energy Systems
Lokeswar Meda., L.Uday Kiran and P. Purna Chandra Rao
4. A New Architecture for matching the data with Low-Complexity Low-Latency
Prashanthi., Manohar and K.Vijaya Prasad
5. An Effective Control Strategy for Achieving Wind Energy Conservation System
V. Vineel Kumar., L.Uday Kiran and P. Purna Chandra Rao
6. A Health-Iot Platform Based on the Combination of intellectual covering, self-effacing bio-sensor and quick medicine box
Lingadhari Prabhu Raju and B.Apparao
7. Accuracy Irrigation Based on Wireless Sensor System
Rama Krishna, M and B.Apparao
8. An Android Inaccessible Manage Car Unit for Exploration Missions
Nageswara Reddy and B.Apparao
9. Android Interface based GSM residence protection organism
D.Malavika and B.Apparao
10. Cascaded Two-Level Inverter-Based Multilevel STATCOM Designed For High-Power Applications
Vootla Naveen and Poojari Vidyasagar
11. Design and Performance of Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS/GSM/GPRS Machinery and Smartphone Appliance
K Thrishank and B.Apparao
12. Embedded Microcontroller Using GPS as A Protection Source for Disabled Inhabitants
Belide Swetha and B. Apparao
13. Progress Power Organization Using GSM Technology
Chaitanya Ramagiri and B. Apparao
14. Renewable Power Systems with Photovoltaic Control Generators
Mamidala Laxman and Poojari Vidyasagar
15. Vehicle Faction Manage and Failure Avoidance in Mountainous Track
K.Gouthami and B.Apparao
16. Design and Finite Element Analysis of Aircraft Structure
Ch. Suresh Kumar and S.V. Ratna Kishore
17. Design of CSLA under the Architecture of the Effective Area
Ch.Sailaja., R.Hari Prasad and K.Vijay Prasad
18. An Effective Proposal towards Reduction of Heating Load for Reducing Power Expenditure
E. Kalyani., R. Hari Prasad2 and K.Vijaya Prasad
19. Implementation of Digital Circuits by Using Dynamic Voltage Scaling Multiplier
Manasa., R. Hari Prasad and K.Vijaya Prasad
20. An Effective Execution of Multiplier and Accumulator Design
Korada Nandini and C. Nagaraju
21. An Effective Proposal for Power Dissipation in Designing of the Systems
P. Daniel and C. Nagaraju
22. An Approach for Atomization of Modern Agricultural in Real-Time Environment
K.Subba Lakshmi., Manohar and K.Vijaya Prasad
23. Role of Three Phase Inverter in Distributed Power Generation
Venkat Reddy., L.Uday Kiran and P. Purna Chandra Rao
24. An Exposure Towards Efficient Multilevel Inverter for Grid Associated Photovoltaic Systems
Yendluri Siva and P. Purna Chandra Rao
25. Functionalities Of E-Voting Systems and Its Authentication
Chedugundi Yesudasu and K.Vijaya Prasad
26. Sparse Correspondence Methods
V.E.Chandra Sekhar and Dr NSSR Murthy
27. Modeling, Analysis And Optimal Location of Unified Power Flow Controller (Upfc) for Real Power Loss Minimization Statement of The Problem
V. Balakrishna Reddy and Dr. S. K. Moinddin